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For over 20 years, JMP Holdings has been Australia's leading supplier of paper, plastic, compostable and non woven polypropylene packaging to the retail industry. We provide a comprehensive range of customised point of sale shopping bags to not only the retail sector, but also the supermarket, food service and online sectors.

Here are just a few of Australia’s leading companies who have entrusted their brand with us.

The staff at JMP have over 25 years of experience in sourcing shopping bags from major suppliers overseas and have been able to pool this experience together to offer Australian retailers a shopping bag of the highest quality whilst at the most competitive pricing available. JMP travels overseas almost on a monthly basis in order to form or nurture long term relationships with our factories. We only ever choose reputable factories who are known to supply major international brands throughout Europe, Japan and America as this will always ensure that we can guarantee our large customer base security of supply, maximum price competitiveness and uncompromising quality.

In addition to high quality product, JMP also prides itself on delivering the highest level of customer service in the country in order to compliment the shopping bag range. As a result of our high standards we continue to work with some of Australia's most iconic brands including David Jones, Myer, Target, JB HiFi, Just Jeans, Smiggle and Peter Alexander.

JMP Holdings also recognises the environmental issues pertaining to the use of shopping bags and continually endeavours to be at the forefront of these concerns. Through the ongoing development of products sensitive to the environment, such as reusable, recyclable and degradable shopping bags, we are able to offer products tailored to meet both the needs of the retailer, the community and the environment.

Shopping Bag Materials Available

Recycled Plastics

As part of the 2025 National Packaging Targets, you will be required to use 30% average recycled content in your packaging. JMP is not waiting around to 2025 and has already begun offering customers a range of recycled plastic options.

JMP has unlimited access to both Post Consumer and Post Industrial recycled plastic and has begun working with customers to introduce these recycled materials into their everyday retail packaging such as plastic shopping bags and plastic mailers for online use. JMP is the only packaging supplier in Australia to have access to GECA certified Post Consumer Recycled Plastic. We can add up to 100% recycled resin into your plastic packaging which lowers your carbon footprint and reduces the requirements for a non-renewable resource.

Recycling Plastics

Traditionally everyday Australians were previously unable to recycle soft plastics such as shopping bags and online mailers because they cannot be placed in your home recycling bin. However, through the REDCYCLE program you can now recycle your soft plastics in their easy to use and readily available public bins, found Australia wide at locations such as Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets.

The REDCYCLE program is seeing over 30% year on year growth of soft plastics being recycled by Australians which is a fantastic achievement and will continue to ensure more plastic is diverted away from landfill and repurposed into products such as park benches, roads and walkways.

As part of the 2025 National Packaging Targets, at least 70% of plastic packaging must be recycled. REDCYCLE is paving the way for this goal to be achieved.

Responsible Sourcing

It has long been a mission of JMP to ensure we act responsibly and do the right thing by our staff, our customers, their consumers and the environment. To successfully achieve this, we also require our suppliers to uphold the same strict standards.

JMP is committed not only to respecting human rights but also the environment that we live in. We visit and audit our domestic and international suppliers over 4 times a year and require them to hold valid social audit certifications such as SEDEX and SA8000.

All of our paper suppliers are also FSC® certified, as is JMP (FSC-C148661), for the responsible sourcing of paper materials. We are also the only company in Australia able to supply Post-Consumer Waste plastic recycled shopping bags and mailers certified by GECA (Australia).

Degradable Additives

JMP plastic shopping bags can be produced with EPI’s world famous Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA).

Generally 2-3% TDPA is introduced to traditional plastic during the manufacturing process. It causes the plastic to degrade at a controlled rate when the plastic is exposed to photo (sunlight), thermal (heat) and/or mechanical stress and, in the case of polyethylene products (such as grocery, shopping and garbage bags).

Printing Capabilities

Shopping Bag Types and Styles

Shopping Bag Features

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