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Thank you for visiting our page dedicated to our GECA certified online mailers. We are the only company in Australia and New Zealand that can supply these mailers which can be made with up to 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) Recycled Plastic, certified by GECA.

Why is this good you ask?

When we produce our generic range of JMP mailers we only use 100% PCW recycled plastic. That means our plastic comes completely from soft plastic waste collected from end use products such as plastic shopping bags, food wrap, bread bags, bin liners, online mailers, pallet wrap and many other consumer products. We are not using factory waste known as 'post-industrial waste' or 'pre-consumer waste' that other suppliers commonly use when they make a 'recycled' claim, as this waste material has always been reused within the factory and is not actively reducing the current global levels of post-consumer soft plastic waste. Their 'recycled' plastic is good, but our PCW recycled plastic is MUCH better!

We are directly preventing soft plastics from going into landfill, the litter or worse into the ocean. We are collecting it and creating a new product, our online mailers. GECA ensures that we not only follow strict guidelines on the materials used and the ink content but a number of Corporate Social Responsibilities that factory must adhere to. Our factory is SEDEX certified! Great right!?

Available in your brand or JMP's generic range

If you'd like your branded eCommerce mailers to be made from GECA certified recycled material, contact us and find out how, it's very simple. Alternatively, if you want to get on board GECA immediately or don't require branded mailers, then we now stock a full range of JMP generic mailers that are certified by GECA. The range covers 7 different sizes as per below and is available now from JMP. We can deliver these to you anywhere in the world. You can order by the carton, by the pallet or by the container load, the choice is yours.

How can you help?


I bet you didn't know you can help as of right now, yes today! Are you at home or at work? That's where most people receive their online purchases. Before you do anything, don't throw our mailer out in the rubbish, you're only going to contribute to landfill, and you can play an important role in the recycling loop that we are a major part of.

Yes.. you can absolutely recycle our mailers, not at home but at the very place you probably visit daily or weekly, your local Coles or Woolworths. That's right, outside of every one of these supermarkets in Australia is a REDCYCLE soft plastics recycling bin, so there are more than 1,900 locations Australia wide.. JMP is a proud partner of the REDCYCLE scheme.

But certainly don't stop there! If you really want to do your part for the environment take a look around your kitchen, fridge, freezer and pantry. I bet you had no idea they are full of soft plastics that to this day you've been putting straight in your bin. Well... stop right away and get on the recycle bandwagon as these all can go in the soft plastic recycle bins. Amazing!

Keep your mailer or reusable plastic shopping bag and put all the other soft plastics inside it and when it's full take it back to the supermarket so it can be turned into new products such as decking, park benches, playground equipment or even roads.. yes roads! We'll touch on that more later.

Just to give you an idea on the scale of what Australian's can do in terms of recycling their soft plastics take a look at all the products below which contain recyclable soft plastics, which to this day most of you have probably been putting straight into your bin... every... single... day! That's pretty crazy and pretty scary that we aren't all doing our part and recycling it!! It's 2021, not 1991, so now you know let's all get on board with recycling soft plastics and tell your friends to tell their friends and start spreading the word!!

Soft plastics you use everyday Soft plastics you use everyday Soft plastics you use everyday

Where to recycle?

There are literally thousands of drop off sites around the country, with easy access to most Australians, so there is no excuse as to why we are now not recycling all of our household soft plastics. To find your nearest soft plastics recycling location please click on the REDCYCLE logo and type in your postcode.

Where to Recycle Soft Plastics
Recycling at Coles
Recycling at Woolworths

Other usefull sites on recycling soft plastics throughout Australia can be found by clicking on each of the images below. Some cover the whole country, whilst others are specific to each state:


Clean Up Australia
Recycling Near You
Plastic Police


Know Your Recycling


Licella Holdings


Recycle Right


Which Bin


Recycle Right


Rethink Waste

Where does my recycled plastic go?

Once REDCYCLE collects the soft plastic it is flaked into smaller pieces and then recycled into a plastic pellet ready to be made into a new product. Many fantastic plastic products are then made using this material such as park benches, tables, security bollards, fencing and decking.

In more recent times they have developed fantastic products such as Reconophalt and Polyrok. Reconophalt can be used as a raw material in asphalt and Polyrok in concrete replacing the need for certain raw materials being dug up from the earth.. amazing!! The asphalt or concrete is then used to lay new roads, carparks and footpaths all over Australia. The more Reconophalt and Polyrok used, the less earth dug up and the more recycled plastic being diverted away from landfill or litter!!

The most recent use of recycled soft plastics in Australia is to convert the material back into a synthetic crude oil where it is fed through a refinery and the end result being a food grade plastic film for Nestle. More information on this amazing breakthrough can be found in this link.

If you have any questions regarding our Geca Mailer Range please contact us.

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