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Online Shopping is growing and it is growing fast and nearly all of us are not only aware of this we are all contributing in some way. Why is it growing, well it’s fun, fast and affordable. Websites have improved and are more user friendly, the offerings are greater, confidence has grown, communication has improved and freight costs have come down.

There’s no denying that online retailers have gone to great lengths in recent years to make the whole experience a lot better and they’re seeing the results.

However, one area that has quite often been overlooked is the manner in which products are packaged and couriered out to the customer. Not a lot of importance has been placed on this packaging and more often than not the online retailer will just use generic packages offered to them from their chosen courier companies.

Even many traditional ’bricks and mortar’ retailers who have improved their online offerings have also neglected the importance of online packaging, despite for years paying very close detail to the quality and design of their packaging for instore sales. JMP has developed a range of custom made packaging designed specifically for online sales and maximising the promotion of online brands.

JMP has developed a range of custom made packaging designed specifically for online sales and maximising the promotion of online brands. The showpiece item for the range is the trademarked eTailbag, a custom made courier bag designed by JMP with a die cut handle and double adhesive seal! It is also available with a bubble wrap interior for products sensitive to breakage.

Why are eTailbags Better?

Diecut Handle

The diecut handle is one of the most striking features of the eTailbag and is what makes it so unique. Not only does it make it easier for everyone to carry, it gives the consumer the impression that they’re part of a traditional type retail transaction where they would normally receive a high quality shopping bag. Hence our slogan... eTailbag ‘Get a handle on it!’

Having a courier bag with a handle also helps promote brand awareness. Many online packages are delivered to the workplace and traditional courier bags without handles are usually tucked under the couriers arm. In this manner branding is blocked or hidden from curious eyes. With a branded eTailbag, from the moment the courier drivers picks it up out of the van to the moment he delivers it to the recipient that eTailbag has become a mobile billboard for your brand!

Custom Printing

They say image is everything and it should extend to the package online sales are delivered in. A plain courier bag does nothing for a brand whereas a custom printed eTail courier bags will grab people’s attention and get them talking about your brand.

Many online sales are now delivered to the buyers workplace and will often be paraded past fellow workers. The opportunity to use the eTail courier bag as a miniature mobile billboard will be lost if your brand is not on show.

Combined with the diecut handle, custom printing further enforces that experience of traditional high quality shopping bags.

Not only does custom printing show off your brand it also allows you to promote such messages as sales announcements, direct marketing announcements, tokens for redemption, teaser campaigns or “bonus free gift inside” type offers.

Please note - the minimum order quantity per size is 10,000 pieces for branded eTailbags.

Dual Seal

A key factor in the growing success of online sales has been the increased confidence in buyers being able to easily return goods that don’t suit their needs. The dual seal on the eTail courier bags allow the buyer to repack the goods back into the same courier bag they received them in and close it using the second seal. This is not only quick and free for the buyer but great for the environment. This feature will help increase a buyers confidence to make further purchases with your company.

Cutting instructions for the buyer are also printed on the lip to ensure they don’t damage the second seal when first opening the courier bag.

Bubble Wrap

The eTail courier bag is also available with and without a bubble liner. The bubble liner is great for those sellers who want that extra protection for valuable or fragile sales without the added expense of using packing boxes.

JMP always holds stock of bubble lined eTailbags in the Mordialloc, Victoria warehouse. Custom printed eTailbags are also available with bubble on request.

Returns Address

To assist with the dual seal feature we can print the returns address on the back of the eTail courier bag. This reduces the effort the buyer has to put into getting the product that doesn’t suit back to your organisation and also the mistake of sending it to the wrong address.

If you have a ‘REPLY PAID’ postal code this can also be included to make it completely free and fuss free for the customer to return the goods.

eTailbag Sizes

The eTail courier bag is available in 11 different sizes for both the standard and bubble lined range (excl. size 10 for bubble). From time to time we may hold some of these generic etailbags in stock at our warehouse as many new customers choose to use these prior to advancing to a custom printed eTailbag.

Size Standard eTail & Bubble eTail
1 165mm × 220mm
2 210mm × 270mm
3 250mm × 340mm
4 280mm × 380mm
5 325mm × 415mm
6 360mm × 475mm
7 420mm × 450mm
8 440mm × 500mm
9 500mm × 550mm
10 600mm × 600mm
11 600mm × 660mm

Sizing above is the internal packing space and does not include handle section and lip.

Responsible Sourcing

It has long been a mission of JMP to ensure we act responsibly and do the right thing by our staff, our customers, their consumers and the environment. To successfully achieve this, we also require our suppliers to uphold the same strict standards.

JMP is committed not only to respecting human rights but also the environment that we live in. We visit and audit our domestic and international suppliers over 4 times a year and require them to hold valid social audit certifications such as SEDEX and SA8000.

All of our paper suppliers are also FSC® certified, as is JMP (FSC-C148661), for the responsible sourcing of paper materials. We are also the only company in Australia (and the world for that matter) able to supply 100% Post-Consumer Waste plastic recycled ecommerce mailers certified by GECA (Australia).

If you have any questions regarding our eTail Courier Bags please contact us.

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