Plastic Pallets

Lightweight Export Pallets

JMP Holdings Plastic Export Pallets can save you money immediately! With the ever increasing costs of transportation, saving just a few kilograms per pallet can save your entire operation tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single day!

Rackable Warehouse Pallet

Avoid the endless cost of hiring wooden pallets which can also be a hazard to your workers and your products from nails, splinters and loose planks. It’s time to consider JMP’s very owned designed heavy duty warehouse plastic pallet.

These pallets are hygienic and can be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised. They are extremely safe to use in warehouse racking as they are designed to lock into the racking unlike many other plastic pallet alternatives.

JMP's rackable plastic pallet also comes with rubber strips on the upper surface in order to help products packed on it achieve grip, similar to that of the rough surface of traditional wooden pallets.

Reefer Pallet for Frozen and Refrigerated Goods

JMP has developed a plastic pallet which is ideal for use in refrigerated shipping containers, or reefers as they are more commonly known.

Most 20' reefers have an internal length under 5500mm which creates an issue when trying to fit traditional 1100 x 1100mm pallets inside. Simply put there is no room on the floor for the 9th and 10th pallet. If you are double stacking then you can only fit 16 pallets in compared to 20 for a standard 20' shipping container.

By reducing the pallet footprint down to 1050 x 1050mm, JMP's pallet will allow you to get all 10 (or 20 double stacked) pallets placed inside the reefer with the doors shut.

This pallet has also been designed as a nestable pallet, to keep costs and storage requirements down. However, the base has been designed differently to the usual pod style nestable pallets which traditionally cannot be double stacked inside a container. The more flat style base of the JMP pallet distributes the weight of the upper pallet more evenly allowing for double stacking in a greater number of situations.

Plastic Pallet Advantages

Testing Procedures

JMP Plastic Pallets undergo extensive testing including tests such as chamber, deflection and compression.

Easy to Handle / No Moisture Absorbtion / Cleanliness

Compared with wood or steel JMP Plastic Pallets are lighter in weight and thus provide for easy handling. Since they do not absorb moisture they are suitable for transporting such items as paper products or cement. The problem of decomposing wood is obviously eliminated by using JMP plastic pallets.

High Impact Strength and Resistance against Heat or Cold

Specially selected HDPE and PPC material provides high impact and compression strength. These pallets are cold and heat resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, from as low as -50°C to as high as 60°C. As a result use in cold storage is possible for they are not affected by seasonal changes.

Strong Design Structure

Not only are the materials used providing strength but the structure of the pallets have been carefully designed to ensure maximum performance and protection for your products. Many JMP Plastic Pallets are designed with a convenient 4-way forklift system allowing the pallet to be picked up from any direction.

Low Friction / Wear and Tear

JMP Plastic Pallets do not produce chips or particles during application. They are manufactured using a ‘One-Shot’ Moulding process with a special method used for the adhesion of connecting parts. This eliminates the need for protruding metal fasteners such as bolts and nuts, and nails. Therefore, superior performance is guaranteed especially for food processing industries and clean room environments.

JMP Plastic Pallets can weigh around 50 to 70% less than equivalent wooden pallets with the same dimensions. With the costs of freighting palletised goods ranging from just a few cents per kilo to over $10 per kg it makes sense to use a JMP plastic pallet.

Cost Comparison

300kg of product on a single pallet air freighted from Australia to UK

  Product Weight Pallet Weight Total Weight Cost Per Kilo Total Cost
JMP Plastic Pallet 300kg 8kg 308kg $5.00 AUS $1540
Wooden Pallet 300kg 30kg 330kg $5.00 AUS $1650*
Difference 0kg 22kg 22kg $0.00 AUS $110 AUS

* Note: Wooden pallets may also incur additional costs for fumigation

So as you can see from the above table by eliminating unnecessary kilograms using JMP Plastic Pallets you will be immediately reducing costs. Considering our Plastic Pallets are as strong as Wooden Pallets and outperform them in other areas it is not only an economical choice but a smart choice.

If you have any questions regarding our Plastic Pallets please contact us.

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