Pally is the original pallet dolly combination. The Pally is easily converted from a pallet to wheeled dolly, or a wheeled dolly to a pallet, with a simple one foot press on the pedal.

Pally, the original, patented one touch, supply chain and merchandising solution.

The footprint of the Pally is 800 x 600mm and has a working capacity of 500kg. Features of the Pally include an inbuilt tray location, dedicated push/pull handle location and manual handling and stacking features.

Simplicity of use is one of the key factors in the success of the Pally in areas such as Retail and Supermarket Chains and also Postal Logistics. The Pally is highly compatible and safe to use on automated sorting lines, conveyor systems and tail lifts as a pallet. However, should it need to become mobile a simple one touch of the pedal mechanism allows the pallet to instantly become a dolly at any point in the supply chain.

Pally Advantages

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Pally - Pallet and Dolly in One

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