Food Packaging

JMP ventured into the disposable food packaging industry over 5 years ago and has a select range of produts. We have focused on securing the highest quality products from overseas whilst offering the most competitive pricing. We now service some of Australia's largest food accounts and have grown our range of environmentally friendly bio-plastic products.

Food Preparation and Storage

Outstanding quality products are what JMP is known for and our range of foil, paper and gloves products has seen us secure some of Australia's largest food chain customers.

Bio-Plastic Packaging

JMP Holdings Earthware Collection of food and beverage packaging is made from predominantly bio-plastic corn starch materials.

Did you know – In many cases paper is worse for the environment than plastic. Even recycled paper! For example, research that was conducted for the Australian Government has exposed that recycled paper bags have a negative impact on the environment three times that of plastic bags. But we all agree plastic is not ideal either. So consider JMP’s corn starch and PLA bioplastic products. They look, feel and perform like regular plastic but are much better for the environment as they use up to 80% less traditional plastics.

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Other Products