JMP and the Environment

JMP understands the world is always evolving and reducing the burden on the environment that packaging can have is an important modern day concern. We work closely with both our suppliers, our customers and our own staff to ensure all the processes involved with our day to day business take into account these environmental concerns.

As you can see from below we have introduced some intiatives within the different areas of our business that work towards reducing the overall footprint JMP and our customers have on the environment.

Retail Packaging

JMP has been supplying some of Australia's largest retailers for over a decade and work closely with these retailers to guide them towards their environmental goals such as Australian Packaging Covenant annual achievements. Initiatives over the last few years include:

Online Packaging

Online Shopping and the packaging involved is relatively new and the scramble by etailers and suppliers alike to get a piece of the action has meant most have overlooked environmental concerns when selecting suitable packing. JMP has not. Initiatives include:

Industrial Packaging and Cargo Protection

JMP works with a wide range of Australian businesses large and small providing them with packaging products used predominantly in warehouse and distribution applications. Environmental initiatives over the last few years include:

Other environmental areas of focus at JMP

It's not just the products we sell and design that we factor the environment into. We also look at the way our day to day business runs and how we can do it better for the environment and the future of this planet. Initiatives over the last few years include:

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