Stretch Wrap

Get more bang for your buck with JMP Holdings Premium Blend Stretch Wrap which delivers up to 50% more yield with savings of around 25% per metre!

JMP Holdings new stretch wrap has been developed with a secret PE mix which allows performance like no other. The secret is in the exceptional strength the film delivers allowing for greater yield.

7 Layer Cast Stretch Film

JMP Holdings Stretch Wrap is made from a strong, premium grade, 7 layer co-extruded cast film. It has been designed for maximum load securing by limiting neck-down ensuring each wrap has excellent coverage. Crystal clear optics and high film gloss also allow for easy reading of package labels and shipping documents. JMP cast film is also extremely quiet during unwind which makes it ideal for all areas including those requiring low levels of noise.

JMP chooses only 7 layer cast stretch wrap as it is versatile with consistent quality to unitise and palletize the cargo with better stretch, higher load retention and better puncture resistance to save packaging costs.

Cost effective: minimum

Industrial application for stretch film wrapping of:

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Cargo Protection