Enviro Bags

JMP Holdings has long been supplying some of Australia’s biggest retailers with packaging alternatives sensitive to the environment.

With so many options available we decided to give this range a name, one which suitably reflects JMP's vision for a green and pure planet. We see it and hope you will SeeItGreen.

JMP Holdings representatives travel across the globe on almost a monthly basis to search for green alternatives not just for our range of shopping bags but all of the packaging products we supply.

Our SeeItGreen shopping bag range includes heavy duty reusable fabric bags made from Non Woven Polypropylene, Cotton/Calico, RPET, Jute, Bamboo and Plant Starch Based Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). We also supply totally degradable plastic bags, home compostable and biodegradable bioplastic bags (AS5810:2010 certified), recycled plastic bags, recycled paper bags, tree free stone paper bags and 100% bamboo paper bags.

JMP Holdings is also proud to be accepted as a member of the Australasian Bioplastics Association, a leading organisation on enviro friendly materials.

SeeItGreen Shopping Bag Range

Compostable Mailers and Bags – AS5810-2010 Home Compostable certified

Our range of ecopond carry bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable and contains NO PLASTIC. Bio-plastic resins derived from cornstarch are used to make this enviro-friendly shopping bag.

Ecopond carry bags can be made in most styles as traditional plastic bags such as t-shirt bags and die-cut bags and can also be fully printed.

For more information on how the AS5810 home compostable certification works click here.

Reusable Green Bags – Non Woven Polypropylene fabric style bags.

PP Non-Woven (PPNW) bags are one of the most recognised and popular re-usable carry bags. With such a wide variety of styles these bags are popular not just for replacing light weight plastic bags but also because they look great! All JMP Non-Woven bags are made from superior lightweight materials providing strength, durability and flexibility. Our PPNW bags are re-usable and washable.

With consumers using these bags over and over it provides retailers and supermarkets with an extremely cost effective advertising tool. Shopping Bags (or garment covers) can be custom designed to suit your needs and come in a wide variety of sizes, colours, prints and handle options.

Recycled PET Enviro Bags (RPET) – made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

These shopping bags are great for the environment as they are made from 100% recycled PET bottles and can be fully recycled through your households standard recycling bin.

RPET Bags are extremely light, soft and flexible. The material looks and feels similar to ‘parachute’ material. Aside from the environmental benefits another advantage of a RPET bag is its strength. RPET bags can be designed to hold either light weight items or as much as 20kg, making it ideal for supermarkets or any other demanding requirements.

RPET bags allow for high quality photo images to be printed on its surface making this bag a clear standout in public.

Ever wondered how they turn plastic bottles into bags or other products such as sportswear? Have a look at this fantastic video from Nike, who are making state of the art, high performance sportswear out of recycled plastic bottles.

Cotton Bags – Unbleached (Calico) and 100% cotton bags.

Our Cotton Carry Bag is another bag in our ‘seeitgreen’ range that is not just environmentally friendly but also highly reusable. Made from 100% cotton these bags are characteristically known for their strength and durability. They are also easily washable and collapsible for quick and effective storage.

JMP’s Cotton Carry Bags are ideal for everyday grocery shopping, travelling to the beach, markets, tradeshows and as a highly effective promotional tool. JMP cotton bags are available in calico which is the natural unbleached version or dyed using enviro friendly dying agents.

Bamboo Bags – soft fabric bags made from 100% bamboo fibre.

Not only is bamboo textile highly durable, flexible and reusable it is great for the environment!

Bamboo (a member of the grass family) grows at a rapid rate, requiring few farming inputs and no pesticides. When compared to other fibres such as cotton, it is far more sustainable (and cheaper!). Cotton requires huge amounts of water and extensive use of pesticides that can quite often pollute the environment.

Bamboo will also absorb more greenhouse gasses and release more oxygen. Bamboo is cut above ground level and therefore does not need to be replanted which prevents soil erosion and instability to the surrounding environment.

Bamboo produces a natural and eco-friendly fibre without the use of chemical additives and is a biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fibre, bamboo fabric will 100% biodegrade in soil by microorganisms and sunlight. Bamboo truly comes from nature and returns to nature as it should, safely.

Degradable Plastic Bags – made from EPI-Global’s Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA).

As the name suggests these plastic bags are actually degradable as they use EPI’s TDPA technology. They are also as strong as non-degradable carry bags and can still be reused and recycled. A small amount of TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastics Additive) is introduced to the polyethylene during the manufacturing process to create a blended mix. A carry bag is then produced which over time will degrade, leaving only carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of mineralisation, which is compatible with soil. Importantly no harmful toxic elements are left in the environment.

As the TDPA products break down into smaller particles, they degrade by natural microbic activity. They don’t require biological activity such as compost to initiate break down however if they were placed under such conditions they will also degrade. TPDA is neither water soluble nor toxic, making the material safe for disposal in landfill. However, it will also degrade under other conditions such as photo and thermal degradation. The TDPA bag is reusable and recyclable under selective and controlled conditions.

The time it takes for a TDPA bag to degrade depends upon the amount of additive used in the production process. Whatever your application, bags can be designed to commence breakdown from as little as 60 days to 5–6 years.

Using TDPA in your plastic bag is a very cost effective solution as it only increases the overall bag price by 8-10%, a very small price to pay compare to other degradable bag options.

For more information on TDPA and its advantages visit or contact us.

Recycled Paper Bags – bags made from paper with up to 100% recycled content.

Using recycled paper bags immediately lessens the pressure put on natural resources and helps to keep functioning ecosystems intact. In addition, they also help to preserve landfills and support the recycling stream.

The demand for recycled paper in place of virgin pulp for many different purposes is increasing because it saves resources and trees. To produce virgin pulp requires the consumption of more electricity and water resulting in more pollution being released into the atmosphere.

Trees are also vital to the environment as they provide oxygen, habitat for wildlife, help reduce climatic change, increases precipitation and protects fisheries, just to name a few. JMP’s recycled paper bags are made up of a mixture of recycled paper including pre and post-consumer waste along with wood chips from plantations and sawmill residues.

Responsible Sourcing

It has long been a mission of JMP to ensure we act responsibly and do the right thing by our staff, our customers, their consumers and the environment. To successfully achieve this, we also require our suppliers to uphold the same strict standards.

JMP is committed not only to respecting human rights but also the environment that we live in. We visit and audit our domestic and international suppliers over 4 times a year and require them to hold valid social audit certifications such as SEDEX and SA8000.

All of our paper suppliers are also FSC® certified, as is JMP (FSC-C148661), for the responsible sourcing of paper materials. We are also the only company in Australia able to supply Post-Consumer Waste plastic recycled shopping bags and mailers certified by GECA (Australia).

If you have any questions regarding our SeeItGreen Enviro Bags please contact us.

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