eTailBag – Gift

JMP introduced the Etailbag-Gift range into Australia in 2013 after feedback from many of our high profile online retailers. They were demanding a gift wrapping option that had to look great, be affordable and most importantly be quick to assemble. Step forward the Etailbag-Gift, a satin finished plastic drawstring bag.

Each Etailbag-Gift is custom made so you can choose your choice of material colour (single and dual layers), ribbon colours and print options. Full colour printing is available on both sides which will maximise the impact your Etailbag-Gift has when it arrives at its final destination.

The big advantage of the Etailbag-Gift is the time it takes to 'gift wrap' a sale.. literally seconds. As you can see from the photos below the drawstring simply pulls together and is tied into a bow, ready for dispatch. This is particularly benefical to online retailers who are moving large volumes of sales every day, as they say time is money. Due to its low cost many retailers also include the Etailbag-Gift as a free gift wrapping service around holiday seasons such as Christmas.

If you have any questions regarding our eTailBag-Gift please contact us.

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