Adhesive Envelopes

JMP Holdings Invoice and Packing Envelopes or ‘labelopes’ may look like the same as others however ours differs in one specific and significant area, the adhesive.

JMP adhesive envelopes are produced with a special high quality adhesive that is designed to hold onto the surface no matter what extreme weather condition it faces.

Many inferior designed envelopes will simply fall off during transit once exposed to Australia’s varying and harsh weather conditions.

Available Range

Code Type Backing Colour Print Colour Carton Qty
9600 Invoice Enclosed White Red/Black 1000
9601 Documents Enclosed White Red/Black 1000
9602 Unprinted White Red/Black 1000
9603 Invoice Enclosed Red Yellow/Black 1000
9604 Documents Enclosed Red Yellow/Black 1000
9605 Unprinted Red Yellow/Black 1000

If you have any questions regarding our Adhesive Envelopes please contact us.

Materials Handling