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What are Flexitanks?

Flexitanks are large liners made from polythene which are fitted inside a 20' Shipping Container for the transportation and storage of non-hazardous liquids. Flexitanks can hold up to 24,000 litres of liquid and their use can significantly lower your storage and transportation costs.

Once a Trust Flexitank is removed it can be fully recycled and the shipping containing reverts back to a standard container to be used for dry goods. The use of Flexitanks is rapidly increasing around the globe as it replaces traditional methods of moving liquid in containers such as Barrels, IBC's, ISO Tanks and Chemical Tanks which are more expensive, time consuming and less readily available.

About Trust Flexitanks

Trust Flexitanks is a European flexitank manufacturer based in Spain. Their goal is to improve flexitank quality and cost through innovation and technology. Trust Flexitanks produce high quality one layer food grade PE flexitanks.

The 'Made in Europe' label which adorns all tanks stands for: Technology and Automation; Optimised Flexitank Design; Strict Quality Control; and Standards and Certificates.

Trust Flexitanks are an active member of the Container Owners Association. They fully support the drive to improve and certify flexitank quality and service. Future growth depends on continual improvement within the industry. Trust's mission is not only to offer the best quality/cost solution, but to offer the BEST quality and the BEST cost solution! Trust only partner with the upmost professional service operators which is why they have chosen JMP to represent their brand and product in Australia.

Advantages of One Layer Flexitanks

Award Winning and Patented Design

Trust Flexitank development has now introduced to the market a revolutionary rectangular flexitank shape that fits perfectly inside a 20ft shipping container. Furthermore this design allows the flexitank to be produced by an automated process reducing cost and manufacturing errors. The one layer flexitank is made from a superior quality and highly durable film.


Contrary to other designs (pillow shape or cut-off corner shape flexitanks), the Trust Flexitank design guarantees a loading process which neither folds nor sharp edges appear below the middle of the flexitank. This rectangular design completely avoids excess film in the corners allowing the flexitank to lean smoothly on the container walls, whereby stress on the film is reduced by 95%!


The Trust Flexitank Design is currently Patent Pending. It also recently won the WOW Award at the 2013 WISA Winetech Expo in Sydney for being the best new innovative product of the show.

Trust Flexitank Specifications

Trust Quality Control

Trust Flexitanks and the Environment

Trust Flexitanks and JMP Holdings are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our industry. Although the flexitank has a very low packaging per tonne of product shipped ratio, we continuously have to strive for further reductions.

Trust Flexitanks are a one layer Flexitank that is made of only one raw material which makes recycling a lot easier. Polyethylene is a thermo-plastic material, which means that it can be melted down and used for making products virtually indefinitely.

In colaboration with film producers Trust are constantly looking for thinner and more resistant film in order to reduce packaging per tonne shipped. In colaboration with the COA, Trust are pushing to introduce recycling criteria in the "Code of Practice" for flexitanks.

Trust Technology

Are you familiar with the saying "Don't buy a car built on a Monday"? Well the same principle could apply for manually welded flexitanks. Machines don't suffer from Mondayitis, they don't go into holiday mode on a Friday afternoon, they work effectively all day every day. Are you willing to trust 24,000 litres of your precious cargo and reputation in a flexitank that is likely to have been hand welded by cheap labour?

Wine Tank - EVOH

Trust Flexitanks is the first manufacturer in the world to produce:




The EvOH film offers significantly improved barrier properties compared to a typical Polyethylene film. On average, the EvOH film provided a:

The oxygen barrier properties of the EvOH film were far superior to polyethylene, with the EvOH providing a 92% reduction in Oxygen Transfer Rate. Utilising the respective OTR values measured during this testing, it can be calculated that a Polyethylene flexitank will permit the transmission of approximately 14.8mg/L if oxygen over a typical 6 week journey, whereas an EvOH flexitank will transmit approximately 1.1mg/L which is less than a typical tank to tank transfer at the winery.

The superior OTR performance of the EvOH flexitank is likely to maximise the freshness and fruit character of the wine whilst minimising/preventing premature development/oxidation when it arrives at the destination market - in essence, maintaining the value of the wine as effective packaging should.

Ultimately, the performance advantage demonstrated by the EvOH film has the potential to provide winemakers with significantly increased confidence that their wine (& brand) is adequately protected once the wine has left their custody.

The full AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) report is available upon request.

Bulkheads for Trust Flexitanks

Woven Flexitank Liner

Loading Process

Trust Flexitank Valves

Accesories for Flexitanks

Test Reports

The following successful test results are available from JMP:

Media and Awards

JMP Holdings exhibited at the 2013 Winetech show in Sydney and the Trust Flexitank was awarded the WOW award for the best new innovation. Click on the pictures below to learn more about this award and other Trust articles in the media.

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